Sunday, January 9, 2011

It began -

Well, it began on Sep 3rd 2010. I bent down and BAM! I lost vision in my left eye, confusion vertigo, vomiting and a blank stare. Since that day I have not been the same happy go lucky, free sprirted pain free person I once was.
I saw a neuro doc 10/10/10 whom ordered an MRI/MRA and the images came back with a, "right temporal lobe glial tumor 7x4mm in size. They placed me on medrol pac, depakote and sent me to a surgeon. No explainations, no sit down talk - just 3 prescriptions and was told "Don't worry".
I had a STAT MRI with contrast the following day which infact solidified the previous findings. So I went back to a different neuro doc, whom reports that this most likely is something that I was born with and the famous "not to worry" line was handed to me. "Let's just wait and see in 3 month what this thing does". This was my pat on the back -

In the meantime, I have begun to get headaches. This was not nomral for me not even menstral headaches I would get previous to my 'event' on 9/10. So I take OTC meds without help, then focus was an issue coupled with concentration and memory issues. Now for those of you whom are Type A personalities, control of a situation is parmount! Well, now I have no control and I am pissed! I cannot remember my husbands cell number which has been the same for YEARS!!

They, being the neuro docs, send me for a neuropsych testing to understand my cognition. Turns out that my results showed poorly! Just great right!
Well still nuthing is done - they equate the results to "psychosematic" - I am creating this. Funny thing is, parts of this test you cannot fake, or come close to faking it!! Frustration is now increasing and still no answers that are concrete.
I get a PET scan is done on Thanksgiving 2010 which crazy enough shows NUTHING - and I mean provides the neurosurgeons with no surgical outline! The hits just keep on going - So again I get the "lets wait".
I just had another MRI on New Years Day 2011, it indicated no change and the liklyhood that this is a cyst. They cannot tell me what type, but they can sure tell me that this cyst is not creating my daily headaches, daily sensitivity to sound on the right side, senseitivty to smell nor can they tell me why I have NO appitite. I have lost 6 pounds, (some may read this and think no big deal - but really, I started out at 110 and now I am 103, that is a big deal). I have less good days and more bad days - I have tried Imitrex, steriod therapy, Inderal, and diet chage and still the headaches are there. I have intermit nausea and seizures that "staring" episodes with no memory of it happening. But hey - remember - I am not to worry!! I have been given more meds then answers, I take Keppra for seizure control 2,000mg daily, Pamalor for sleep help (oh forgot to mention I don't sleep well either) and Midrin for Headache as needed. Now I am to take that on top of Phergan to decrease the nausea and take Maxalt to see if the headaches will go away. Why all these meds to combat the symtoms and not entertain the thought of removing this damn thing! Heres a great cavit for you readers - the cyst is located BEHIND my motor system in the brain AWSOME! So if this cyst should grow I could expect WHAT!!!!!
So this blog that I have created I will update you on my status. There has got to be someone out there that is or has gone through this. I have another EEG (video 36 hour inpatient) testing on the 18-19 of Jan. I will keep you posted -